Water Damage Photo Gallery

Water damaged mattress

Ruined Mattress Due to Water Damage

This is a picture of a mattress that was water logged  because of a water line busting. You can see where the mattress acted like a candle wick and absorbed it. This mattress had to be disposed of, due to the water damage.

Furnace malfunction caused a pipe to burst.

Ice Formation Due to Furnace Malfunction

This is a picture of ice formation because of what started out to be a furnace malfunction. The furnace in this residence home malfunctioned and stopped running. In return, it caused pipes to freeze then burst. Water went flowing threw the home, then it got colder. With the heavy flow of water, it froze, causing ice to form threw out the home.

Water and mud all over the floor from the water damage

Water Damaged Bathroom

In this photo you can see a partially flooded bathroom. The water is from the drain as well as a leaky pipe and it has mixed with previously existing dirt on the floor to create mud making the problem more unsightly than it already was. With SERVPRO, our qualified crew will face on the problem with speed and precision in order to culminate the problem.  

Aftermath of a broken pipe

Hole-y Water Damage

In the picture you can see that the build up of water in the ceiling caused this massive hole to form. If you notice, there's still a stream of water coming out of the hole in the picture. 

A tile in the closet affected by a water leak above it

Water Damage to Tiles

In this picture is a tile that seems to be corroding from water damage. You can see a circular and brown stain in the tile that is believed to be caused by water on the other side. The water sits there and is absorbed by the tile creating the brown stain. 

Flooded Basement

This flooded basement is a result of a broken pipe from one of the upstairs bathrooms in this Morgantown home. This water damage called for 21 air movers and 8 large humidifiers.