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Proper Heating Methods Pt. 2

1/6/2020 (Permalink)

As you have probably felt it by now, Jack Frost has moved into town and I don't believe he is leaving anytime soon. The official winter season has been in effect for a couple weeks now and it's been cold! There's no better way to warm up from the outside weather than with a nice cup of hot chocolate or coffee, while sitting in front of the fireplace, or wall heaters if you don't happen to have a fireplace in your home. However if you do have a fireplace at your house, here are a couple tips to make sure you and your home are safe from potentially fire damage. 

If you have a fireplace that requires you to get lumber to burn, make sure you keep the fire relatively low or else it will be hard to control and contain. Also with these types of fireplaces, it's imperative that you have a properly functioning chimney so that the soot and smoke is filtered out of the house properly. 

Another tip, regardless of what kind of fireplace you have, is to make sure there is nothing around the open flame that can catch fire easily. The heat that comes off of these fireplaces can be quite hot in some circumstances and could catch flammable items around the pit on fire pretty easily and that would just start a massive house fire unless quickly contained. 

Be careful this winter season and if anything happens, you can always call SERVPRO of Morgantown to make it "Like it never even happened."

Commercial Cleaning and Restoration

1/6/2020 (Permalink)

Damage to your property is never fun to deal with and always cost more than you think at first. The damage sucks a little more when it happens at your business that you have to keep running or you will lose out on money. This is where SERVPRO of Morgantown comes in.

We specialize in disaster recovery through cleaning and restoration! There is almost no amount of damage we can't fix, whether it be water damage, damage from a fire, damage done by a storm, and even mold clean up from prolonged water problems. 

We also offer content cleaning and document drying for that vast inventory or stock pile of people's precious documents that you can't afford to lose to water damage or other things. We specialize our cleaning when it comes to the commercial aspects of cleaning and restoration because some jobs require special treatment or a certain level of precision when dealing with professional contents and buildings. 

So let SERVPRO of Morgantown help you in your time of need. We will make it "Like it never even happened."

Trusted with Insurers

1/6/2020 (Permalink)

There is a market for almost anything these days due to the amount of exposure the internet provides people with. Because of this exposure, there is competition in every market and cleaning and restoration is no different. 

With all the different cleaning and restoration companies, how are you going to pick the best one, most suited for your pricing, while also knowing they're going to get the job done the right way, the first time? This is where SERVPRO comes in. We are proven in our methods and in our customer satisfaction. Typically insurance providers will suggest us when disaster strikes in the homes of their customers because of our extensive track record of satisfaction with such cases. Aside from our happy customers, we also keep the insurers happy as well by getting the job done right and the first time, saving both them and the customer's money in the long haul. 

In your time of need SERVPRO is the clear choice for precision, accuracy and satisfaction. We'll help to make it "Like it never even happened." 

Water Heater Tank Up-Keep

1/6/2020 (Permalink)

Your water heater tank is a very important part of your home. It warms the water in your home for showers, sinks, and washing machines among other things. It is very important because some of those things cant be done with cold water, or it isn't properly done with cold water, this is why you must check on your water heater tank monthly or every couple months. If your tank is faulty, it could leak and spill water all throughout the area in which the tank is located, causing water damage and mold potentially. It could also raise your water bill because of the leak and cause all kind of problems with water temperature and water pressure occasionally. If your tank is completely broken, it could still leak and cause all kind of water damage but it also kills all the hot water in your building as well as costs you a pretty chunk of money to fix it or even get a new one. The water heater tank is something that must have an eye kept on it to avoid possible calamity.  


1/6/2020 (Permalink)

Of all of the disasters that could happen to a home or a business, floods are the most unpredictable, because of how fast they happen and the damage they can cause. For example, one second it can be storming and before you know it, the creek or river flowing by your house is filled and flooded onto the streets. This happens all the time and depending on how bad the flood is, a home or business owner may be able to salvage there structure by disposing of furniture, carpets and drywall. However some disasters can do as much as tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages and unfortunately, most flood damage is not covered by your insurance company.

When you have a flood in your home or business, such as a flooded retail building or warehouse, it's important to have the structure cleared out, dried as well as it can be and cleaned as soon as possible. The longer the structure stays wet, the higher the chances of mold growing and spreading in the area are. 

When storms and flooding happen, it's best to give SERVPRO o Morgantown a call. A franchise professional will come and properly dispose of any damaged contents, properly dry out the area and sanitize it to help make it "Like it never even happened."

Man Power

1/6/2020 (Permalink)

When your company is working on a large scale you need a large area and a lot of employees to make things go smoothly and efficiently. Because of the larger area, maintenance on this high volume area is much more difficult to keep up with. If the maintenance isn't properly maintained, big problems, that require big solutions, will arise and present challenges for the company. This is where SERVPRO of Morgantown comes in. 

We have a surplus of crewman with different experience for any jobs that arise. Our crew can get the job done with precision and excellence in any situation. In some situations however, the really big jobs that require more man power, we may hire more help from outside sources and businesses to help us get the job done and make your disaster "Like it never even happened." 

The Marketing-Mobile

1/3/2020 (Permalink)

New SERVPRO Cruiser In this photo is the pre-decal cruiser that SERVPRO marketing representatives drive to build business connections and close deals!

Legend has it that the distinctive green colored SERVPRO vehicle can be spotted from a mile away. I don't know if the old legend is true, but I know that sometimes when I'm driving through town, people will recognize me by the car. The good news however, is that a brand new SERVPRO cruiser will be driving through the Morgantown area very soon!

This is very big news for the company, as it make it to where the marketing team doesn't have to stretch as thin and that means the business in the different areas will be more concentrated and focused. This makes getting and taking care of business more efficient because the franchise will have two marketing representatives out on the road at a time, creating a multitude of new and growing connections with other companies and people. 

Emergency Tips

1/3/2020 (Permalink)

When disaster strikes, it's nice to be prepared and to be able to mitigate any problem until professional help arrives on site. I'm going to give you some do's and dont's when it comes to water damage and what to do until your trained SERVPRO crew arrives on site. 

One thing you can do to help the situation before the pros arrive is to shut off the source of water if possible and to contact the qualified party to stop the water source. Another important tip is to turn off the circuit breakers for wet areas of the building to avoid electrical shock and increase safety.  

One thing you should never do while waiting for the professionals to arrive is to enter rooms with standing water where electrical shock hazards may exist. Another thing that you should absolutely never do is enter a room where ceilings are sagging from retained water. 

These are just a couple things you can and can't do to help the situation and stay safe until our trained SERVPRO crew is on site. 

What SERVPRO can do for you

1/3/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO is a franchise company with over 45 years of leadership in cleanup and restoration, but do people really understand what all SERVPRO can do and the various services that we offer? People hear cleaning and restoration and immediately think that all we do is carpet and upholstery cleaning and maybe some fire and water restoration, however, SERVPRO does much more than just this. 

For starters, our main work we get is mostly fire and water restoration but from that water comes mold mitigation, which we actually do as well as. Another service we offer that connects with water and fire restoration is reconstruction, however, we still offer the service even if there's no water or fire damage. We also do bio hazard, vandalism and crime scene cleanups in some of our more rare cases. SERVPRO offers content claims and inventory services for when the whole house is a wreck and you don't want your belongings soiled. We also offer air duct and HVAC cleaning, which has to be regularly kept up on in order to maintain quality air in your home and your lungs. Lastly, we offer an array of carpet and hard floor cleaning, along with odor identification and elimination, and stain removal. We also clean upholstery and drapes with dry or wet methods to assure a thorough clean the first time.

Thank God It's Friday

1/3/2020 (Permalink)

The new year is here! 2020 is off to a good start and the first week has come to a close. This is the year of growth in all areas of life from professional growth, to spiritual growth and even physical growth. Set daily, weekly and monthly goals for each category and section of your life to make sure that you're making progress towards where you want to be this year. Goals are important in succeeding in life because it helps you visualize what you want to do as well as stay up to date on what you've done and what you still need to accomplish.

Above all, never lose confidence in yourself and what you can accomplish by trying. They say life is like watching a television, if you don't like the channel, all you have to do is get up and change it yourself.

This is a big 2020 at SERVPRO of Morgantown. We have big plans to really mobilize and get a lot of businesses in Morgantown and the surroundings areas on board the SERVPRO train! We're taking hold of our goals in 2020 and we advise you to do the same!