Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Water Damaged Floor

Water Coming Through Floor

Storms with heavy rains came threw and flood areas of this town. This is a picture of how water will find its way up threw a finished basement, Water is seeping up threw the flooring.

Scaffolding built to clean higher areas.

Cleaning From Top to Bottom.

Sometimes when you are cleaning an area in a home, you have to build scaffolding to reach the higher areas. With high ceilings in this home, the crew had to build scaffolding in order to reach the top area of the room.

In this picture is a window forced open from the wind outside

Black Bears Stadium

In this picture is a window that was blown open by the wind from outside. There was a snow storm with high winds that froze a pipe in the stadium, causing a lot of water damage that had to be dried, sterilized and cleaned. 

Water running down a wall from a frozen and busted pipe from a freezing snow storm

Snow Storms

In this picture is a saturated wall from a pipe that froze and busted due to low temperatures from a snow storm. The low temperatures froze the piping in the garage and bust it, creating a water mess in the process. 

A roof that started leaking after a severe rain storm

Leaky Roof

In this picture is a roof that began leaking after a severe rain storm came through with high winds causing minimal damage, but still enough damage to create a leak. The leak eventually got into the insulation and the area had to be tested for mold. Diagnosing and taking care of water problems quickly is key to avoid bigger problems involving mold and even structure damage. 

Storm Hits Morgantown

This was once a shed that is now torn apart and basically demolished from a wind storm that come through Morgantown WV. Though the owner was devastated, he was happy enough that SERVPRO of Morgantown was there to clean up the mess.