Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Floor Protection

Protecting Your Floor

When you have a fire in your home, structure may need to be cleaned. At times items or other structure needs to be protected. This is a picture of carpeting being covered with a drop cloth to prevent more dirt or dust dropping on it.

The source of a house fire found in the basement

Source of Origin

In this picture is the remains of a fire that started in the basement of the home of one of our customers. It was determined during the scope that this was the source of the fire.

At SERVPRO we get to the bottom of things and figure out the factors leading to the disaster so that we know exactly how to get the best results. 

A microwave burnt to a crisp after a stove top fire

Kitchen Fire

In this photo is a microwave that fell victim to a stove top fire. The fire started from oil on the stove and eventually got worse and spread. There are major singes and melting all over the microwave as well as soot covering the whole thing. There is also soot all over the cabinets above the microwave as well. 

The cleanup after a bad fire at Advanced Auto Parts

Advanced Auto Parts Fire

In the picture you can see damaged contents being brought out of the store in order to be properly disposed of. Some times items can not be saved. When this happens the items need to be properly disposed of.

SERVPRO of Morgantow, WV

Tracie "Dusty" Nichols


Garage Fire in Westen, WV

This was the aftermath of a garage fire in Westen when we arrived on the scene. As you can see there was significant smoke and soot damage. The owner was more than happy with our crew on how quick and courteous we cleaned the soot from the walls and ceiling.  

Fire in Morgantown, WV

This is the result of a fire in a Morgantown home. You can see the significant damage, luckily the fire didn't burn to much of the home before our crew had arrived.